Our ServicesExperience the art of caring

Black Burberry Salon & Spa brings out the beauty in you. We have qualified staffs who offers a unique experience in Hair Care and Skin Care. Below are the services we offer :

  • Hair Cut

    Hair Grooming done in concern with not just the modern trend but also your preference and your personality.

    Hair Spa & Styling

    Hair Grooming done in concern with not just the modern trend but also your preference and your personality.

    Hair Colour

    One of the main concerns of people going to get their hair coloured is the use of chemicals in the hair colour. At Black Burberry we use colours which have a very low base of chemicals which are harmful to your hair like ammonia.

  • Clean Up

    A week long hectic schedule resulting in your face looking dull, getting a cleanup done is a necessity.


    After a bleach ensuring that your face does not feel rough a good massage using moisturizers is done to keep your face feel and look healthy and beautiful.

    Face Treatment

    It is something everyone needs to do once in a while. Face is where the state of your whole body is expressed. Keeping it look fresh is what we at Black Burberry do. Treatments to make your face glow, to purify and making your face look young are what we treat for.

    Express Glow Up Mask

    Here we treat your face and other visible body parts, de – tanning them, cleansing your face of all the dust and impurities.


    Our experts do your eyebrows to make your face look sharper and even more beautiful.


    Taking out of single strand of hair from your body pains a lot, but not at Black Burberry we make your waxing experience a pleasurable as we choose treatments based on your skin type.

  • Bridal

    One of the days to be treasured in one’s life is marriage; we at Black Burberry ensure that you look not just fab but also very sensual on your auspicious day.

  • Manicure & Pedicure

    Regular cleansing and cleaning of your nails are done with great care.

    Nail art

    Nail Art is something is something that has been gaining trend in the fashion world and also on Social Media. We at Black Burberry give your nails an awesome, funky, sensuous and cool look. Be a star wherever you go...flaunt it.

  • Hot Stone Therapy

    Hot Stone Massage is a deep massage that uses oils, Warm Basalt and sometimes cold marble stone to relax your muscle. The warm and cold technique which has proven beneficial to soothe aching problems. Hot Stone Therapy is deeply relaxing, and helps loosen up tight muscles, Smooth heated stones increase lymph flow and helps to flush waste. This is highly recommended for people with back problems and spine problem. Duration for Hot Stone Therapy is about 90 Minute and is recommended once a month.